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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Macbeth review

It is an experience like no other when a theatrical production transports you away from reality, displacing you in an unfamiliar dream-like sensation. Over exaggerative, you say? I say not. Today I went and saw Jamie Lloyd's production of Macbeth and indeed, excuse the use of hyperbole, experienced the performance of a life-time. Although I have to admit, on a vain level, it was Jame's McAvoy's performance that led me to see the production I was truly not disappointed.

Presented in a dystopian, fracture Scottish landscape Shakespeare's Macbeth came into a new light of interpretation. Traditionally, the tragic hero Macbeth is interpreted on a same wave-length as Hamlet: deluded and decaying into a self-conscious layer of madness. However, here we saw a revolutionary performance as the audiences witnessed the blood driven, ambitious and terrifying portrayal of Macbeth. McAvoy, I believe, picks up Macbeth's tortured conscious like no other has done before: creating a futuristic, yet albeit, a realistic and timeless interpretation. Here was a character who was not and immature Hamlet. It was a shell-shocked, troubled and anxiety-ridden soul who was not comfortable but yet seemed to share our own personal issues: How do we deal with our fears and struggles when we know we are in the wrong?

McAvoy brilliantly depicted Macbeth's slow pyschological turmoil; bringing to life and emphasising Shakespeare's haunting soliloquays as he gaged and deluded over the lines. Indeed, 'the dagger of the mind' was enticing and metaphorically powerful.
Moreover, the Scottish setting of the play was, in a peculiar phrase, beautifully presented. Never have the words of Shakespeare has so much power as the actors seemed to sing their lines of conflict and chaos. Shakespeare's haunting language has never seemed to reveal so much prophetic layering.

Clair Foy's portrayal of Lady Macbeth of corse can not escape praise. Her strong depiction as she confidently and almost psychological abused Macbeth to kill Duncan struck a new level. For such a young actress it was deeply interesting to watch a new portray of what is so traditionally perceived as a mature role. Her slow isolation from her husband is outstandingly captured as she too descends into her madness.

Drawn to tears I left Trafalgar studios emotionally drained. Undoubtedly this is a remarkably production; one which doesn't deserve the Guardian's three stars!! Definitely catch this if you can! It is bloody, brutal and undeniably brilliant.

Friday, 1 March 2013

February Favourites

How can it be March already?! 2013 is going far too quickly, though I'm sure I say that every year. My new busy uni/reading schedule has meant a recent rejection of my blog: I apologise. However, here I try and make amends and share with you my February faveourites...

Estee Lauder Pure Colour Stay on Shadow Paint in the colour Cosmic - This eyeshadow really does what it says on the tin. An excellent stay on shadow, and they definitely mean one that stays on. Praise the lord for those of us with oily eyelids! Although in the photo Cosmic looks very burgendy toned, when painted on it creates a lovely, dark, glittery-brown effect. I have been wearing this just by itself for a daytime natural look and then making it more smokey in the evening with the addition of a darker brown such as Nars Mekong.

Soap and Glory Scrub Your Nose In it Exfoliator - I came across this product after a Sunday Girl recommendation. I don't have a particularly oily T-zone (which the product says it helps) as so was slightly apprehensive that it might be too strong and making me come out in blemishes! However, this product really is worth a GLORY award!! For £8 it is fantastic. I have been a user of the Clarins exfoliator for a while now, and believe this does the exact same job if not better! It works really well; deep cleaning and helping to refine those pesky pores!

Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara - We know I love this (see why here) I'd be lost without this one!

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair - When I had my Estee Lauder haul I was given a few samples to try out. At the time I had quite a few cheeky blemishes on my face and they advised me to use this serum. Despite it's worldwide beauty hype I have never wanted to bring a serum into my skin care regime. I have constantly believed that they are unnecessary and would clog up my pores resulting in more blemishes. However, I was wrong. Indeed I have been far too stubborn. This serum has worked wonders. Not only have my blemishes disappeared but my whole complexion has dramatically improved. The only unfortunate outcome now is I need to save up to by the proper sized bottle..

Illasmasqua Speckle Nail Varnish - My last post saw my hype about this polish. Since then and the wider recognition of this uber-cool polishes ASOS have now sold out the collection. If you are lucky enough to find one of these varnish's please do. Your daily compliments will be never ending!

Nars blusher in Deep Throat - During the colder months I like to stay off the bronzer and up the blusher. Deep throat has been able to substitue my bronzer addiction. It is a lovely pink/coral tone with a slight hint of shimmer. This blusher definitely provides you with a daily pick me!

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