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Monday, 27 January 2014

An ode to Nars

Over the past year my love for Nars has become rather strong. Obsessive or unhealthy, call it what you will? I like to admit when the 20% ASOS student discount is occassionally launched I always jump on the bandwagon and purchase invest in a Nars treat. Sensible, I know!

From the left we have my most recent number Sin. A dark, plum that may at first seem rather scary infact creates a warm, rich winter berry tone. With a hint of gold it's a provides the perfect warm up to those cold winter cheeks!
Then there is the famous laguna. Where would a girl be without the invention of this bronzer? It's California beach in block. No orange-ness, nothing fake, just a natural sun kissed glow that is great for contouring or creating the illusion of a quick sun trip or two.
Whilst it may sound far too over the top (nothing new for me!) I would be nowhere without my Orgasm. I really do apologise for the crudeness but orgasm is a Nars bestseller. It is the perfect pic me up, and I revealed in my makeup favourites of 2013.
Last but certainly not least is Deep Throat, again, Nars like to be rude! This was my first Nars purchase; a warm, summer pink that doesn't contain too much shimmer.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Favourite Skincare of 2013

My love for skincare has dramatically increased throughout 2013; obsessive researching, youtube watching and a lot of testing has resulted in a routine that my skin has grown to love.

When it comes to taking away the makeup then look no further than Bioderma. My friends laughed at me once for telling them how bad makeup wipes are for taking off the makeup even though they had never watched this genius Caroline Hirons, whose advice is responsible for these purchases! Bioderma is a non-alcholic/nasty chemical water that removes all makeup. Therefore it does not harm the skin.
Praises are also sung to The Body Shop Camomile Waterproof eye-makeup remover which does wonders when removing stubborn mascara - my rave is more developed here.

Before I go to bed I apply Origins Night-A-Mins. A small amount provides thorough moisturisation aswell as a happy face to wake up too; as soon as I apply this my skin instantly becomes brighter and more nourished. However, what may seem like soulmate love has to take a step aside to more advanced! number. If I could only choose one product to live with forever then it would have to be Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair Serum. Oh my goodness, this product is amazing. I have never tried something as effective as this; it heals spots, dryness, redness, dullness, do I need say anymore?! This product is worth every one of its many pennies. A similar product is hydraluron; used in the morning it creates extra moisture so only a little bit of your moisturiser is needed to last all day long. Most of these serums have created a nice little harmony in my skin routine...cheesy I know.

However, when things aren't looking too great  I reach for Ren's Clarifying Clay Cleanser. Charcole based it gets really deep into the pores to remove all that dirt! A bad patch of skin is easily solved with a few washes from this. Similarly, there is the Origins Clear Improvements mask. A hot little number that is there for those nights when you and your skin just need pampering. Throughout the year I used this when feeling slightly fed up with my skin. Not only does it help with getting rid of blemishes it also  helps to create a brighter complexion. A well rounded mask I say. 

Favourite makeup of 2013

After a ridiculous amount of essays, revision and job demands I am finally free!! Due to such business I have, unfortunately, had to disregard the blog for a while...but now I am back with the better late than never post of my favourite beauty products of 2013.

So, to start right off with the business, my favourite "base" has been Estee Lauder Day Wear BB cream. Purchasing it early on in the year I think I have used this almost everyday since my pin was entered. It provides a light coverage, aswell as a light texture allowing it to blend into the skin really well. Despite being a BB cream I have found it does the job well when it comes to covering up a blemish or two.

As appeared in last years favourites post the Benefit Brow Zings triumphs again. When it comes to the brows (or the big brows in my case) I never look anywhere else. With a wax one side and a power the other this little kit is great value for money (it also includes tiny tweezers and two brushes - too cute). I can guarantee your brows will always look perfectly defined from use of this kit.

Then it is all praises to Nars. Their creamy concealor has to be one of the best in the beauty product world. It blends in perfectly with your base whilst brightening the under eye area. If you suffer from dark under eye circles like me then you'll find that the creamy texture is designed to solve this problem. Thanks to my wonderful friend Chloe (check her blog here) I was introduced to the oh-mah-god factor result of the Nars Orgasm. If you are a user of this then perhaps you will know why it has been titled orgasm! This has become my all time favourite blusher. It's pink, gold shimmer tone is the perfect pick me up. To apply this fancy one the MAC 163 has been doing wonders; contouring, blushing, highlighting, its a fantastic brush. 

When trying to solve my addiction for MAC eye-pencils I discovered Rimmel Scandal Eyes kohl eyeliner in Bronze. The perfect golden brown eyeliner that defines my eyes just how I like: a little bit of smudge and bronze simmer.  I owe Rimmel more than providing me with my favourite eyeliner, they saved my purse from MAC's soaring prices.

I had a little difficultly when thinking about what eye shadow I used the most over the year, for the most part of the year I definitely didn't try hard enough when it comes to shadow - a resolution that I have put forward to 2014! However, I then remembered my love for the Clinique Chubby Stick for eyes in Ample Amber: a beautiful rose tinted light gold that creates a wide eyed effect. My many lazy student days were saved by the quick application of this stick.

For the nail department I would look nowhere else than Essie. They consistently offer a wide range of shades, the brush provides easy application and the formula contains an excellent shine that doesn't always need a top coat. In the photo I have chosen the shade solemate but I could easily have included watermelon, or chinchilly or lapiz of luxury. Despite my Essie obsession I could not ignore the colour of my summer, Bourjois nail enamel in turquoise. I bloomin' love this shade, when wearing a neutral wardrobe it always finished off a look.

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