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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The silky cleanse

I think I owe you all an apology for not telling you about my love for this product sooner. 

When the knowledge of double cleansing first came about I couldn't get over the price of some of the oils bloggers were using. I know I can be known to spend a bit but I'm not going to spend £28 on a product just to take my makeup off! So when I heard about the wonders of the Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil I quickly set off to purchase.

I had previously used the Camomile Eye Makeup Remover, which does a blooming good job (see my post here), so I was no surprise that the silky cleansing oil was going to come out on top too. It really does what it says on the bottle. It feels so silky and comfortable to massage in to the skin and does a fantastic job of removing all my makeup and leaving my skin feeling soft and clean. I use this as stage number one before going in with a second cleanser.  The only negative thing I can say is it's not the easiest thing to travel with...if they ever make a portable version I will be very grateful. 

As you can see I have been loving using this oil and think I will have to go out soon and purchase another! Are there any other Body Shop skincare products you think I should try?

Monday, 28 July 2014

The First Video

I have wanted to expand to YouTube for a long time now. So, today is the day and I have decided to share with you my recent purchases from my new job that gave me a rather lovely discount. I hope you enjoy! P.S you will also enjoy if you want to hear the word luxury 50 gazillion times...

Sunday, 27 July 2014

It's a Sunday thing

When it comes to Sunday my routine for ultimate cleanliness is rather thorough. The bubble bath appears, candles are lit and pampering begins. In my opinion nothing says Sunday better than feeling squeaky, squeaky clean from your head to your toes.

In terms of my 'head' the weekly build up of product can leave my hair in a little bit of a tragic state. A weeks worth of moisturising and oil inducing products results in a 'bleurgh' effect on top of my head. A while ago I purchased the Bumble and bumble Sunday Shampoo. For some reason it has taken me some time to actually start using it. I have been known to do this occasionally with pretty and expensive things. They're just too nice to use...please say I'm not the only one who does this?!

However, at the beginning of the month I became more realistic, took the bottle to the shower and have never looked back. And why? Firstly, it gave a perfect lather - I really do love it when a shampoo gives you that perfect, even lather! Secondly, the smell was just clean in a bottle - a lil' minty, fresh sheets kinda' aroma. And thirdly my hair felt clean to the touch, so easy and frizz, fuss free to dry and style. I really good result for a girl untalented with a hair dryer.

My hair just feels really lovely after using this shampoo and has definitely tempted me to try more of the Bumble and bumble range. Any recommendations?

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Chanel dreams

Regular readers here will understand my love for the BB cream. For the record, there has only ever been one foundation that has starred on here - the Revlon Nearly Naked to be precise! However, on my 'beauty wish list' (yes, this does exist in notepad form) for a while now has been the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation. Are there any beauty bloggers out there who haven't raved about this one? With a student budget and being a pricey number, not that money has stopped me before, I have always been reluctant to hand over thirty three pounds for this one.

Until recently, I landed a job that gave me a rather lovely twenty five percent in the beauty hall. Yes people, this was my dream come true. The dream Chanel purchase was made. With a good shake of the bottle I applied this to the back of my hand before dabbing my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush and applying all over. It is a very watery foundation but oh my goodness this blends unbelievably well into the skin. I'm quite lucky that the shade I have, B10, is the perfect shade for my skin tone. It leaves my skin looking rather radiant and hydrated. I can understand the praises of this little expensive number. 

Although BB creams will always be my everyday I really wanted a good foundation for those bad complexion-more coverage needed days! And special occasions of course.

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