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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Little Black Jacket

Coco Chanel. One of the most influential fashion designers of the twentieth century. When creating the Little Black Jack in 1916 who would have known how iconic, desired and timeless the piece was to become.

With so many women still craving for this luxurious fashion item it was only necessary that some sort of tribute should be made to celebrate the fashion antique. And so the genius that is Karl Largefeld, with help from former French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld, created the wonderful exhibition that is currently gracing the halls of the Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea. 

Wall after wall visiters are welcome to drool upon wonderful, classic Chanel black and white photographs of models and actresses all wearing the LBJ.   Taken by Largefeld himself, I was in awe of the beauty and fun that oozed from each picture.

On leaving the Saatchi I too, like the many before me, felt the need to add a LBJ to my wardrobe! But with a free print of one of the photos (for everyone who comes to the exhibition) my bedroom wall is now graced with a bit of classic Chanel, and so I can dream of a future purchase.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Primrose Bakery

As you know I am obsessed with all things fabulously British and 'vintagey', and so my love for baking and beautiful looking cakes should come as no surprise! Therefore when I realised I lived within walking distance from the Primrose Bakery I went into my far-too-excited mood!!

So, at the weekend I finally ventured in for a famous cupcake an hot chocolate! With a lovely, quirky interior I felt so comfortable and cosy as I tucked into this...

As you can see it was visually delicious and the taste stood up to its look! So for anyone who is in to beautiful cupcakes, or just is looking for somewhere to have an enjoyable sit down and cake then I would recommend the Primrose Bakery!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Tim Walker Exhibition

Surreal, fantastical and magical are just a few adjectives that one would expect to hear when regarding a Tim Walker photograph. In my opinion, there is no other photographer that has the gift of Walker; being able to transport the viewer to another world. A world of make-believe and beautiful dreams. He achieves this in just one shot, ultimately creating a fairy-tale wonderland landscape. Thus it is ever so appropriate that the name of his new exhibition (featured at Somerset House) is titled 'A Story Teller' and indeed it lives up to its five-star expectations!

For free (yes, free!!) viewers are transported into the fashionably- exquisite world of Walker. From past Vogues and Bazaars we are able to adore over his well known beautiful shots and well known stories.

 Walker captures fashion like no other. He shows the links between fashion and fantasy. A wonderful world which we do not want to leave.  From swan-lake typography, cello-playing bees, to nine feet tall skeletons, the Somerset Gallery comes alive with Walker inspiration. We feel part of his world as we walk through and witness the essence of Walker narrative.

It is an exhibition of escapism. I truly could have spent hours sitting and drooling over these wonderful photographs, wishing to be in the beautiful, world of Walker. Undoubtedly this is why he stands out in the world of photography and thus is taking the photographic world by storm. He is a transporter. A district, recognisable artist. No one does it like Walker, and thus this is a must see exhibition. Whether you are already a Walker fan or not I can guarantee you will be a Walker-fanatic by the end of your journey through his world of fashion fantasy!

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