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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Essie addict...

(LtR) Watermelon - Orange, its obvious! - Lapiz of Luxury - Mint Candy Apple - Navigate her
S/S 12 colours Orange, its obvious! & Navigate her

Essie nail varnishes, as you can tell, have become my all time faveourite nail varnishes. I came across them after make-up artist Tanya Burr and beauty vlogger FleurDeForce reviewed them in their joint monthly haul. Originally from America we have had to wait a while for Essie to arrive in England. When I finally saw them in my local boots store I actually jumped up and down with excitement - yes, a true sign that I am a beauty geek!These nail varnishes have indeed lived up to their excellent reviews. There colours are always vibrant, keeping up with high fashion trends, they have fantastic names and beautiful, clean packaging. Most importantly they are chip resistant, high durable and leave a top-coat shine effect: there is no doubt that they are well worth their price! Although I have 5 to my collection now, my faveourite has to be 'Lapiz of luxury', a beautiful, stand-out blue which never fails to receive compliments from my friends!
                                                                Seche Vite - Dry fast top coat

However, I could not talk about Essie nail product and not mention the AMAZING top coat I used over them! Instead of a top makeup blogger it was actually my mum who recommended me this varnish, and now we would both never paint out nails without using Seche Vite.  The first time I used it I could not get over its high-shine wow factor finish, and it still leaves me shocked at the result it creates. Although it is quite pricey, £9 a bottle, I cannot talk about it highly enough. Every nail polish addict needs this in there collection!!

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