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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Hydraluron Rave

My rave throughout this post should be credited to the one and only Caroline Hirons: skin-specialist,  all knowing face expert, in my opinion skin goddess (check out her blog here). There is nothing about skin that this lady does not know!
So with my investment and growing knowledge for skin-care I had no alternative (sorry piggybank) in purchasing the Hydraluron Moisture Booster Serum. 

Caroline states that the majority of skin is dehydrated. Now don't shrug this off so soon! Can you personally claim to drink 8 pint glasses of water a day? If yes, then congratulations you fish-like human! However, for the majority of us busy ladies out dare, drinking the required daily water intake is a challenge. This is where the wonders of hydraluron serum step in.

Its a hydraronic acid-gel based formula. Indeed, I was slightly frightened by the word acid too, and have nightmare visions of my face burning off. However, this is DEFINITELY not one of the outcomes. The acid binds to the skin, therefore attracting double the amount of moisturiser, and ultimately resulting in more moisturised skin! Immediate hydration is therefore guaranteed. 

I have 100% noticed the difference with using this product. I have realised that without this stage my moisturiser was just sitting on the surface, rather than being absorbed. With this stage now added in, my skin looks immediately hydrated, and my makeup application has been far more successful, even resulting in a dewy, healthy finish which I have been desiring for far too long.

At only £25 from Boots this stage NEEDS to be in all ladies handbags. 

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