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Monday, 16 September 2013

Body Shop Camomile Eye make-up remover

With my oily eyelids waterproof mascara is a necessity.  An odd feature I know, but if waterproof wasn't applied I would look like I was going for a halloween/mascara run down look everyday. Now, nobody wants to see that look do they! 

As a girl with expensive taste the Clarins make-up remover has been on my wish list for sometime. Why? Because my cheap simple remover, which claims to remove waterproof mascara does not work. I am left constantly rubbing my eye with a drenched cotton pad of remover and nothing is budging....However, this was my old routine.

 I heard a rumour out there that the Body Shop's Camomile make-up remover does the same job as Clarins and at half the price. I was, obviously, sold and went out straight away to purchase this needed item. I am pleased to announce that this boy does the trick. It is a dream to use. Simply shake to activate, squeeze a bit on a cotton pad, place over the eye for about 5 seconds and Voilà: all my eye make-up, yes my tough to remover waterproof eye make-up is gone!! Safe to say I have since removed the Clarins number from my wish list and replaced it with my replen of this. 

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