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Thursday, 14 November 2013

A Spot of bother

The turn from Autumn to Winter is not one I particularly look forward to. A dramatic dip in temperature, extra layering and hat hair have a huge dislike in my books. However, the main problem is the havoc the change does to my skin.

Yes thats right, it has all finally caught up with me and my skin has had to suffer! Dryness, blemishes and a dull complexion: my skin really has had its ups and downs the past two weeks. So, with a bit of some TLC and with the help of some 'wuuuuunderful' products, I have finally got my skin back on the right track. 

The main player has been the Ren Clarifying Clay Cleanser, a number I mentioned on my October Favourites. I have been replacing this with my Liz Earle at night time. It does smell a little funky yet one pump really has done wonders. A clay based cleanser always works when your skin is conjested with blemishes. It works to get rid of the nasties by a thoroughly deep cleanse. The only negative is its drying properties so a good moisturiser is the crucial next step.

I have then been using the Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask. I have read a heck of a lot about this mask and felt it was the best thing to cure my intense dryness. My thoughts after just the first use was WOW. I really don't know where this product has been throughout my life! You apply it before you go to bed which I wasn't 100% comfortable with at first. However, its beautiful smell of peaches and passionfruit soon sorted out that fear. The next morning my face felt fresh, rejuvenated and full of moisture. This product really does what it says on its packaging!

Finally, the Origins Super Spot Remover has been the zapper for my pimples! Its tingling sensation made it feel like it was doing it's job, and boy it most certainly has! A pretty pricey number for its size however your blemishes will soon go with a spot of this over your annoyance!

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