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Monday, 17 August 2015

The Facial Detox

Last month I had a pesky, blackhead situation occurring on my left cheek. It was not a pretty situation guys. As my friends will say, I regularly told them how I couldn't get rid of a particular bugger which even my mother had attempted to squeeze out under a magnifying glass… was too much information?! The story was that my skin wasn't particularly happy. I therefore began my search for a clay mask that was going to help in the process of extraction. 

A trip to Space NK saw me purchase Elemental Herbology Facial Detox Purifying Facial Mask. I had read quite about of this brand on the likes of gh0stparties and The LoveCats Inc (thoroughly recommend checking these two bloggers out if you haven't done already).  I love skincare brands that use the best of nature and so was particularly interested by Elemental Herbology's approach: made of plant compounds, botanical oils and essential fatty acids they take a holistic approach to skincare. 

The Facial Detox Mask alone contains 3 Patents (antioxidants), 14 actives and 6 Bio-Oils. But it is the Amazonian white clay that particularly helps to extract toxins - aka, evil blackheads. In the past I have often struggled with clay masks, especially charcoal based ones; after removing the mask my skin is bright red. The Facial Detox, however, contains Manuka Honey which really soothes and calms my skin. This mask is particularly good for all you oily skin gals, I always notice an immediate difference on my T-Zone after use. 

Now, the main outcome of this story is that the blackheads are no longer there - yes, it is a miracle! This mask definitely helped in this process, and I am really looking forward to trying more products from this brand. 

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