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Monday, 3 November 2014

AW Purple Polishes

Things have taken a serious turn around in my nail polish diaries. To the friends who know me as blue polish obsessed, you won't believe this post! October saw me turn over a fresh Autumnal leaf as I began to purchase and wear more purple toned polishes. 

I'll admit at first that BarryM Nail Paint in Vintage Violet is very similar, if not just a hint lighter, than Nails Inc in New Oxford Street. These have been my go to shades since October. Whilst the gel effects formula is pretty darn impressive, if your adamant to stick to budget BarryM is the perfect dupe. 

A formula I can never find a fault with is the Rimmel Salon Pro and in the shade Urban Purple I'm always set for the favourite Autumn Winter season. It brightens up those khaki brown uniforms that arise in my wardrobe this time of year. 

Essie Luxedo may trick you here. Whilst it may seem very dark, almost black at first, upon application and in certain lights all is revealed as a dark, deep set red. I find this shade rather sophisticated - a suitable shade for the darker nights. 

What are your favourite AW shades?

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