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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

The Food Post

The main purpose of setting up FolkesThinks was to share my thoughts about makeup and skincare. Whilst I've always been aware how important nutrition was in regards to skin and, the oh-so-desired, glow it's only been since 2013 that I've started to take a real interest with my diet. I will always recommend skincare for spots and a dull complexion but only now I've realised how much comes from what we put in! We can spend the £70 on the expensive serums and what-nots but at the end of the day, if you're consuming a high sugar diet you might as well have put your money in the big. I mean ever eaten half a bag of percy-pigs and woken up in the morning with a new spot?! Yup, I'm sure we've all been there. Since making changes within my diet I've noticed a change in my skin and also my energy levels, which I've been rather grateful for!  So the post has finally come where I've decided to share with you my routine, tips and food loves that I believe have helped my skin and more...

It all began with the power of green tea and water. I promise you that if you increase your water intake the results on your skin will show. It's a no-brainer. Additionally, I drink a lot of green tea. I personally, love the taste and find that it really helps with bloatedness, de-stressing and providing a caffeine hit. I particularly recommend adding one to your morning routine. I've recently been trying Pukka's Supreme Matcha tea for an extra energising kick in the afternoon. Matcha is purer form of green tea, so a little goes a long way in the energy oomph department. 

My favourite meal of the day is breakfast. I believe this is the best time of the day to get that health kick to set you off on the right start. For me it's all about the porridge (seriously, I'm a porridge geek) and the toppings. I've been having chia seeds for a while now - a great source of fiber, omega 3 and protein. Recently I've been adding a spoonful of maca powder, as it's rich in vitamin B, C and E it's great for helping to balance out hormones!

Snacking can sometimes be a tricky one. But I've discovered a lot of healthy/vegan snack bars that help with that 11am/3pm tummy rumbling hit. I'm always up for a 9 bars or Eat Natural Bars. Recently I've discovered these from Planet Organic bars which were bloooomin' delicious and with an extra bit of added protein you really can't say no. If you're a sweet tooth and looove the chocolate then try these Chocolate Milks from Rebel Kitchen. Dairy and Sugar free I was really surprised at how chocolately it tasted. If you're looking for a bit of a kick from water then I'm sure these will be up your street. Finally, you cannot beat the power of the almond! Packed full of protein I only need about 5 of these to feel full. Their healthy high fat content makes them amazing for helping on a weight loss diet. 

But at the end of the day I still love Pizza and Pret sandwiches. I like to live by what I call the 60:40 or sometimes it the 80:20, something I was definitely inspired by from The Londoner's post. If you follow me on instagram or twitter then you will know I love cake and pizza. I try and eat as healthily as possible in the week but when it comes to fatty Friday, yes I will have that pizza, or GBK. I refuse to give these treats up. What it's about is balance: being happy with what you eat and never regretting something the morning after!

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