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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

September Check List

Inspired by Milk Bubble Tea's blog I thought I would begin a similar monthly goals post. As an organisational freak, I love a good list. Being a recent graduate means there can sometimes be a lot of post-uni blues: job hunting, self-identifying and money desperate times. 

1. Get a job. 
Life has just begun some might say, it is time to begin the steps up the career ladder. So far this has been a hugely, daunting experience. I feel like I have been chucked in the deep end. However, it's time to be brave and apply, apply, apply. 

2. When it doesn't go right go left. 
I can easily get very upset after rejections - a direct consequence of point 1! However, I'm a big believer in the saying 'everything happens for a reason.' I'm going to try and be more positive towards these hurdles and take everything in my stride. 

3. Running Time.
 I have just signed up to run the Brighton half marathon. It takes place in February and I am determined to beat my time of 2 hours 4 mins and complete it under 2 hours. This means a lot training in the winter months. Hello waterproofs, it's time to face the cold and the dark and the rain...

4. Spend less on food. 
Now this is a difficult task for a confessed foodie. I suppose I mean I'll be more economical with food: plan in advance, use the freezer, cook big batches on a weekend. Hello adult life, I'm slowly becoming receipt hoarder. 

5. Plan. 
Whether this be more plans to the theatre, more plans to visit family, I love to have something to look forward too. I'm currently beginning research for a 2016 trip to New York!

6. Be a better blogger. 
I will be strict with myself and blog every other day. This therefore means blog post planning too! 

7. Take more photos. 
I absolutely love my camera and taking photos of my product but I now want to expand my subject. I'm thinking food and my love of London restaurants…it's time to get rid of the social anxiety that overtakes me when I take a photo of my pudding. 

Time for a positive and successful month. 

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