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Monday, 7 September 2015

Superskin Serum

At 22 years old you may think that a serum post is a tad too far. I am assuming that you're thinking this as serums are known as the 'anti-aging product.' For too long now the beauty industry has been bombarded with ridiculous anti-aging claims, all of which have usually coincided with the launch of a new serum. I'm sorry to burst your dreams ladies but I don't think there is ever going to be a product that will actually take ten years off your life! In my opinion we need to change our thoughts towards serum. Whilst it is certainly a powerful product to help slow certain processes of anti-ageing it will also help against environmental factors (something we all need to think carefully about) and, if you're a dry skinned kinda gal it will seriously help improve the skin's moisture. *breeaaath out* rant over. 

With this new perspective in come one of my skincare favourites Liz Earle. After two years of research they have finally added a serum to their Superskin line: the Superskin Face Serum. From a marketing perspective their is a lot to love about their serum approach. Unlike other brands, Liz Earle are highlighting the power of their botanical ingredients; here it is a combination of persian silk tree, rhubarb root extract and pomegranate flower extract. These active ingredients help to firm, improve complexion and plump the skin. Can you think of any other brand that advertises the power of the ingredients first? Didn't think so.

When we then go to an ingredients point of view we can then understand how wonderfully, and naturally, active this serum is. I don't know about you but I would much rather apply rhubarb root to my face than a chemical ingredient which I can't even pronounce. 

Unlike other serums I've used, this comes out almost like a moisturiser - it is quite thick and cream like in texture and consistency. However, with the smooth and press technique it is quickly absorbed into the skin.

For the past three weeks I have incorporated the Superskin serum into my morning routine. The most notable difference has been the hydration of my skin; by 3pm it still feels moisturised! I used to wake up with slight redness but that has now disappeared. Moreover, I have noticed that after application my makeup feels much nicer to apply. So many positives. If you're on the hunt for a serum or have never tried one before then I would recommend choosing Liz Earle and their natural approach rather than a brand that pays a ridiculous amount for advertising. 

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