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Saturday, 22 December 2012

Favourite products of 2012

 I know we have a few days of 2012 left to go, but with exams looming I wanted to write this before I was overwhelmed by pre-exam stress! As my friends know I am cosmetic obsessed. I could talk about makeup and beauty related products for hours, so it is no surprise that the majority of the post is makeup related!

So in no order I will start off with Real Techniques brushes. I only own two myself but they really are well worth the beauty-blogging hype! Whether you believe it or not, whatever branded product you have, you will only achieve an effect and long-lasting look by the application from the right tools! These brushes not only provide that excellent application, but are affordable!
I know my friends and I will preach that the 'stippling' and 'buffing' brush are essential if you are trying to achieve a flawless foundation look.

Next is my Nars Laguna bronzer...

Nars Bronzer in shade 'Laguna' 

This really is a one-pan wonder! On first glance it looks quite shimmery and orangey, but if you are looking for a natural, healthy glow then look no further than this bronzer. It's a classic that a makeup bag CANNOT be without. It is no surprise that it's Nars' best selling product. For £25 I promise this is not a regretful purchase.

Mac Cremeblend Blush 'Something Special' £17.50

Now yes I know you will be thinking how awful this product looks. Unfortunately the brush I use for likes to leave its bristles behind! However, this is normally the beautiful cream blush in 'Something Special' by MAC. I believe that it is essential to NOT slap your face in foundation every day if you want clean, blemish free skin. If you are still looking for a nice colour on your cheeks then make sure you use a cream blush. For me, my go to product will always be this! Although it looks quite dark, indeed when I received this I though what the hell have I ordered, but once applied on to the skin it creates a lovely natural pink colour.

Mac eyeshadow in 'Woodwinked' £14

My next favourite product (another MAC) is their eyeshadow in the shade 'Woodwinked'. A brilliantly, pigmented colour, it really is gold in a tin! This shadow blends really well and so it works well as just one shade for a day time event, or blended into a darker brown for a smouldering smokey eye evening look!

Then we have the Marrakesh High Tide Conditioner. When the Morrocan oil hype came about, my student budget would unfortunately not stretch. When researching for an alternative I eventually decided to try this. If you have long hair, enjoy heated styling and thus suffer from dry hair then this really should be your go-to conditioner. It smells wonderful and its thick consistency really gets to work on those slip ends, resulting in a shiny, healthy hair look...what better result could you want?!

Apologies again for another MAC product, but here is their eyeliner in coffe.
Mac Eye pencil in Coffe £13.50

 I have always had quite pale skin and have come to the decision that black eyeliner just doesn't suit me. It is far too dark and I end up looking ill or gothic...both of which are not looks I'm trying to achieve. So for me I will NEVER look no further than coffe. A pencil which achieves a dark-brown shadow and is just (without sounding big-headed) perfect!

Here we have the Yves Saint Laurent .Now I'm sure there are other products that achieve exactly the same effect for half the price. But if you are like me and love slick packaging and want to feel like Bardot and Hepburn when applying your eyeliner then this is the product! This was the first liquid eyeliner I bought. I remember being so nervous when trying to create the famous flick, but this product seems to make it so easy! The liquid is not heavily black like maybelline and it is not fidley like a pot gel liner.

Finally, though (apologies) my photo doesn't show it clearly, is the Benefit brow zing kit. For 2012 Cara Delveigne took the modelling world by storm. Who hasn't fallen in love with her and her beautiful eyebrows?! Now I have never been one for colouring in my brows and I cannot stand seeing someone who has coloured them in so much that they achieve a sharpie-like style! No, if you are looking for a natural way to just make your eyebrows look thicker then this clever kit will help you achieve that. One side is a power to help you colour in, the other a wax to help you set. With brush and guide provided you will not be having an eyebrow disaster!

Now I know that was a long post but I love recommending products, and these really have become my every-day makeup bag essentials! I promise you they are worth the hype. I would love to know what have been your 2012 loves so as to discover some hidden gems!!

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