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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Origins Perfection

So this time of year can unfortunately bring around its skin problems. Dryness, red patches, a dull complexion...ringing any bells? Without sounding big headed, I have always been complimented about my skin. In fairness I rarely suffer from blemishes and tend to have quite a dewy, natural complexion. Indeed, it has never always been this easy. In Winter Months I used to suffer from really bad, dry, flakey patches, which as you can imagine was not so attractive!
And so I thought I would share you in on my secret! My wonder, holy grail, never-go-without moisturiser!

I went to Origins after a Tanya Burr vlog, and was recommended the 'A Perfect World'. Now excuse the use of hyperbole but it really is perfection in a tub! It is not too heavy, the smell is not overwhelming, and a little really does do a lot! My skin without fail has never bothered me since I moved to this moisturiser. I don't think I could ever talk of a product highly enough!
Now yes, this moisturiser does not come at a small price. However, can you really get expect to get a wonderful, good ingredients for your skin moisturiser under £10?! If you can, then please do prove me wrong!
To check out this moisturiser and other Origins products then click here!

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