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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Valentino time

Somerset House is currently home to some wonderful sights and exhibitions; conveniently located right next door to my University my lovely friends and I decided to take a trip yesterday to the much  talked-about Valentino exhibition. 'Master of Couture' is a respect to fifty years of Valentino's genius. With 230 dresses on display we were all excited for the treat ahead!

And oh boy were we right!! The Couture Collection is mesmerising. Indeed it was hard not to be in awe of the dresses that were displayed on the mannequins as works of art. It was impossible to not be in awe of the intricacy, hard work and craftsmenship that obviously went behind such fabulous pieces of fashion! What made this more incredible was the layout of the exhibition. The gallery was cleverly set out like a runway, with the spectator beings the models, and the mannequins being the spectators.

It was interesting to note that dresses were not characterised by year or collection but by style and theme. This created an interesting perspective on the development of couture over the fifty years.

Unfortunately we were not able to take pictures. However, I can recommend that you check out this:

And of corse the exhibition (which is £9 for students) which runs until the 3rd March. So if you want to be dazzled and awe struck by fashion then take this insight into Valentino's world!

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