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Monday, 7 January 2013

New Year, New Skin!

We may welcome in the New Year with celebration but without a doubt it can be a time of blues. We feel fat, unhealthy, spotty....You know what I'm talking about. But it's a great opportunity for CHANGE. If you are like me then every January will be time for Pre-Spring organising; sorting out my wardrobe, makeup and health. Basically getting 'clean', however weird that may sound...!
So with the popularity of my origins post I decided to share my top skin tips for 2013. Recommending products that will help you say welcome along a clean, healthy, pore-free, radiant face!

Skin Routine

My first tip is make sure you scrub that dirt off. The most common problem with unclear skin is that people don't know how to clean! Im sorry but just using soap and water really isn't going to do the trick! Now if you haven't heard about the hype of Liz Earle Cleanse and polish, my number 1, then where have you been?! This product really cleanses your skin. With the use of hot water and the action from the Muslin Cloth (which comes with the cleanser) it really works to unclog your pores and get rid of the dirt!

After a good cleanse you then need to use a toner. I like to use Elemis Balancing Lavender Toner. This helps to balance your skin's phd level. You don't really need to know the science behind this, but it basically helps to reduce the size of your pores and ensure your skin has been removed of daily impurities.

Then you want to MOISTURISE. This is such an important thing. You may not bother, but you really will have to suffer later in life. Everyday our face has to suffer from impurities within the air. It faces factors such as pollution/cold weather/poor diet/stress which remove moisture from the skin. Moisturising twice a day helps to repair and protect. It boost collagen levels, protects from spf and basically just makes your skin feel lovely ok?! Please just moisturise guys!!

A weekly step which we probably most forget is exfoliation. This will help to get rid of the build up of dead skin cells and overall helps your skin to feel fresh and renewed. I like to use this one from Clarins.
This step is also similar to using a mask. When your skin is feeling dry, tight or you're suffering from a black head break out then just relax and put on a mask! One such as this Origins one will help to revive a bright complexion and hydrate the skin.

My last tip is a solver after nights out: a face full of makeup that we simply cant be bothered to take off. I know the feeling! My ultimate product for this is no other than Witch Hazel foaming cleanser (just £3.99 I might add) or Clarins' Milk cleanser. In just one quick flash they quickly remove everything...and I mean everything! So there really is no excuse to go to bed with a full face of makeup that will just clog your skin up and lead to blocked pores and spots!

All of these steps/products really can't be recommended enough and I promise will help towards clearer skin.
If you really do want to have extra-beautiful skin then you need to remember...
1. You are what you eat. Im sorry to be blunt. But what you put in will reflect on your face. If you like to eat chocolate and sweets then the amount of saturates and refined sugar WILL eventually lead to horrible skin. Sorry, but its the truth girls!
2. Water, water, water.
Water helps to flush out toxins of the body, resulting in a brighter complexions and hydrated skin.
3.Green/herbal tea.
Studies have proven that it helps hydration levels thus resulting in a gloooowing complexion.
4. Don't use makeup wipes to clean your skin. Want to know why? Then read here

I hope you find that useful. If you have any 'holy grail' products that help you achieve clear skin, then I would be delighted if you leave me a comment!

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  1. I use Clinique 3 Step routine blemish buster- works a treat!

  2. definitely heard the wonders of that range! Used to LOVE the moisturiser, I may return to it one day! :)


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