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Friday, 1 February 2013

Borough Market

I may ramble on about makeup and fashion the majority of the time, but one of my other passions is food! Yes, I do indeed love my food (hello fatty!). However, I am actually a fussy eater. Im obsessed with healthy food: by healthy I mean good, organic ingredients in wonderfully, prepared-on-the-day receipes. 
So with now living in London for five months now I finaaaallly took the needed trip to Borough market with my London bred friend Charlotte (check out her blog here). 

The market really was incredible. It was a visual heaven of food!! With produce from all around the world and try before you buy options (yay to my hungry belly!) I really was in a tasting paradise. 

If you are like me and love food and experimental cooking then you seriously need to check out this place. With a range of unique and international produce you will be able to find that scrumptious, impressive ingredient that you need to impress your dinner party friends.
Or, if you just want a quick bite to eat then you be introduced to unique take away experience. But warning, it will take a while to make up your mind!

As you can see I was mighty impressed by my free range chicken wrap with rocket, salsa, mayo and sweet chilli dip...quite a mouthful, I know!

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