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Friday, 29 May 2015

An Overnight Hero

Receiving a Space NK £5 incentive usually results in a lot of planning in my books. I can't waste a voucher and so I take time in researching what will be the best investment. For me, this means high-end skin care. After reading a lot of praise (seriously, nearly on every blog) about the Sarah Chapman Overnight Facial I decided this would be the one.

This isn't like any oil I have tried before. It has a much thicker consistency unlike something like the Kiehls Midnight Recovery Oil. This texture helps to massage it deep into the skin and the product comes with an instruction booklet of how to do your own facial.

This product produces instant results. My skin feels plumper, brighter and it soothes any redness on my skin. Also, the smell is just heavenly! It has that clean, spa scent about it, you know what I mean? These effects continue on to the morning where my skin really feels like its had an overnight miracle. At the moment I'm using this product about everyone other week, when my skin is looking a tad dull and blemish dotted. But I would seriously rate this product up at the top in my skincare. 

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