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Sunday, 23 March 2014

A new skin wonder

For many, many years now I have religiously used the Liz Earle hot cloth cleanse and polish. Morning and night I have been a loyal follower of this product, and it has worked wonders with my skin at times. However, since January my skin has been undergoing a bit of an annoying change. Small dry patches everywhere, sensitivity, hidden, under the skin blemishes on my forehead and just a horrible, dull complexion: this is just not what I'm used too. Whether it has been stress or weather related my skin has been calling out for saviour.

I do aaaaah-lot of beauty blog reading. Indeed, the first thing I do when I hit my laptop is click for my favourite blogs. So, with such productive reading and adapted knowledge I realised that there was a lot of hype (particularly from my favourite Vivianna Does Makeup )behind the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel. After thinking and thinking (and even more thinking) I realised it was time to hit cult beauty, be risky and purchase.

I'm used to a cream, thick substance cleanser, so the Oskia was a bit of big change when I pressed down on the pump. An orange-toned, slightly bitty balm comes out which is then applied onto dry skin and emulsifies into a balm. It has an oily texture and, massaged into the skin, generates a small amount of heat. After a wipe on a warm muslin cloth the difference was instantly recognisable. My skin had immediately gained a radiant complexion.

It has now been a week of using the cleansing gel and so far so good. My skin feels more radiant, plump and smooth, spots have gone and even more pores look more reduced. Although my dryness hasn't completely gone yet, they have dramatically reduced, so I don't look like such the scaly monster anymore!

Although expensive in price, my philosophy never changes with skincare: sometimes you have to invest to get some results. Good ingredients are not always cheap, but our skin, in drastic times, needs some tlc.

You can purchase the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing gel from Cult Beauty.

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