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Sunday, 9 March 2014

Turning for Watermelon

As I have previously revealed, I have an intense love, almost verging on obsession, for blue nail varnish. Whether its navy blue, pastel blue or my favourite shade of duck egg blue I am automatically drawn to the love of my life shades. 

However, there is a particular shade of pink which will ALWAYS turn me from my alliance with blue. That is Essie's shade of watermelon.  A bright, vibrant pink that is not a shade of tacky Barbie pink. It's the perfect shade of a classy, ripe watermelon that always cheers up my mood.

London weather has been rather beautiful this week and so the shade of watermelon has graced my fingertips to get me in the mood for the spring and summer months. What are your nail varnishes that help you get in that Summer mood?

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