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Saturday, 8 March 2014

February Favourites

I suppose the dream of clean, un-blemished skin couldn't last forever and so February punished me with some of the worst skin problems I've had in a long time. My skin was so dry and sensitive that everytime I put products on it seemed to hurt. Twice a week I applied the Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask, which I have definitely raved about before. This product works moisturising miracles for dry skin; applied before going to bed you wake up in the morning with guaranteed moisturise-ness. Oh, and  the smell is mmmmmahmazing.

After a lucky promo code I found on Nail's Inc facebook (yes 50% off code) I finally got round to purchasing the hero shade of Porchester Square. Although it may to some seem grey and boring I promise upon application it is one of those sophisticated/goes-with-anything-shades. I have also found that the gel effect means I don't needs a top coat and it definitely is more chip-free proof than other polishes.

As my last post revealed I have been luuuuving the Revlon lip balms in the more on trend orange tones. These will most definitely continue on to be other monthly favourites. Check out the full post here.

The beauty blogging world went crazy for the launch of the Hourglass blushers. Naturally, and after instagram persuasion, I had to buy one. I choose the shade dim infusion and have fallen in love with its natural, healthy pink finish. Hourglass are well known for their highlighters and their blushers incorporate a subtle successful highlight. Although a taaad overpriced (unfortunately, even more than my Nars creamy concealor) they are worth it if you are looking for a good, high end blusher.

I've also included in my favourites my little Emma Bridgewater candle. I was given this by my mum for Christmas but only started lighting it last month. This one has almond and vanilla tones and leaves a strong scent in the room which is just what I like.

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