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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

The Moisturiser

After quite a few months of using the Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream I thought it was time to give you some feedback. First things first, lets start with the basics: simple, lightweight packaging makes this great for travelling. It's fragrance free so there is nothing too sickly or sweet to endure. 

When it comes to texture it is very light. It is therefore very easy to absorb into the skin but still extremely moisturising. I've so far found this very easy and simple for balancing out my complexion and leaving my skin feeling comfortable. By that I mean my face doesn't feel heavily caked in moisturiser and I can straightaway move on to applying my makeup for the day. 

Now, at the moment I have been using this day and night. Weirdly I have LOVED it for the daytime, but not so much at night. When it comes to evening skincare I do like a thick, rich texture.  Something like the Origins Night-A-Mins for example, which feels like it will do wonders overnight! However, as a daytime moisturiser that has been great, especially in the warmer months when I want something lightweight.  Then again, this is not claiming to do the specifics of a night cream. It is a simple all-rounder. 

The only negative about the cream is the lack of SPF. I assume that Kiehl's choose this so that it can be applied morning and night. Moreover, Kiehl's do other SPF specific products which can be applied after the cream. Nevertheless, if you are looking for something simple that's going to do the job of moisturising your skin then I would definitely recommend this product. 

Have any moisturisers to recommend? Please leave a comment. 

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