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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

The New Foundation

It is a rare occasion when a foundation graces the pages of FolkesThinks. However, with a SpaceNK incentive soon to expire I (as always) gave I good think as to what my splurge was going to be. I was pretty confident that I wanted a new foundation due to some important events coming up over the summer. After a lot of deliberating with friends I finally decided that the 'one' was going to be the updated formula of the Laura Mercier Silk Crème Moisturizing Photo Edition Foundation

Now I never owned the original. Infact my only experience with the brand is the tinted moisturiser, the famous secret camouflage concealer and, of course, their bath range. I had read a lot of mixed reviews about the updated foundation but decided to take a leap and try it (note this was a definitely a leap at £35!).

You all know I love a dewy, luminous base which is why I opted for this formula rather than the oil free version. I also was sucked into the label 'photo edition.' One trait I always suffer with is flashback on photos, and with one of these summer events being my graduation ceremony I do not want a record of my big shiny forehead. 

Trying to find my perfect colour match was a little difficult. That would perhaps be the main down point of this foundation, the colour range is not particularly impressive. The one I have isn't peeerfect, but once blended and buffed into the skin it gives a really nice base. In the after photo (the second one) please note I do not have concealer on. I just wanted to focus on the difference in complexion. 

So far I am loving this foundation. I've even worn it on a day when I didn't have a special event - now that's saying something in the Emily Folkes makeup bag. The coverage is on point, and it lasts so well. For example, I wore this for my graduation ball a few weeks ago and it lasted from 1pm in the afternoon till 1am. That deserves a round of applause I think. Oh and most importantly, the photos from the evening are not scarred with my flashback face. Bingo. 

What are your favourite high end foundations or Laura Mercier products for that matter? I would to try out more from her brand.

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